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Entertainment in Naxos

Enjoy your days and nights in an island of options, capable to satisfy any traveler’s needs!!!

From the moment you arrive in Naxos, you will understand that this island has everything that it takes to satisfy and entertain any visitor. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you visit the island with your family, your friends or your companion. Naxos is an island with several options of entertainment for every type of traveller whatever his needs are. You can start your day while you relax in one of the numerous beach bars, you can taste the traditional delicacies in one of the traditional taverns of Naxos and admire the beautiful sunset from the Portara. When the night comes we strongly recommend you to enjoy your cocktail with a view at the Venetian castle!

Dining and night life

Naxos is the largest island of Cyclades with an equally wide variety of possibilities. Regarding the gastronomical options that the island provides you can either choose one of the many picturesque fish restaurants by the sea, or one of the traditional taverns at the inland for well cooked meat and good local wine. However in Naxos you can also find quite famous restaurants with culinary creations from international cuisines such as Italian or Asian cuisine. In the nightlife of the island there are also several options depending on the occasion. Search for your ideal place for a drink in Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios, Agia Anna or in one of the narrow and charming alleys of Chora.

The local cuisine of Naxos

The best way to learn about the history of a place, its tradition and the locals, is through tasting and exploring the traditional cuisine. Naxos has one of the most interesting cuisines around the Aegean Sea. The local dishes are based mostly on meat and the well-known tasty potatoes of Naxos. You can try “roast” braised meat, omelet with “karfa” (it’s a wild herb that is found in the island), “pentarates” potatoes (fried potatoes with a variety of fresh vegetables), “giachnada” (different vegetables cooked in tomato sauce), and stuffed lamb. Concerning the place that will try Naxos traditional cuisine there are plenty possibilities, as you will find traditional taverns in every corner of the island, and the locals will be always willing to guide you through the “paths of taste”.

Traditional feasts

Traditional feasts are part of the tradition in the Cyclades, and Naxos couldn’t be an exception. The sounds of the lute and the violin hold a leading role and are inviting all the guests to dance until the sunrise. August is the month when most of the feasts are held, while during the celebration of August 15th a feast takes place in every corner of Naxos.


Naxos has an important cultural heritage and you can understand that if you attend the festivals that are organized every year on the island, such as the famous “Festival of Naxos” which is held every summer at the tower of “Bazaios”, and the “Dionisia” (from the name of God Dionisos, the ancient god of wine and entertainment) with traditional music, plenty of local tastes, and of course plenty local wine!